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Grow Your Veggie Garden Workbook

A handful of seeds and a bit of space is all that’s needed. It might be in a front or backyard, in a container on a balcony, a plot in a community garden or space where there once was a lawn. And, it can involve children, families, neighbours and friends.


These are the ingredients to a harvest of possibilities. It can range from home-grown food for the family and those in need, to an appreciation of Mother Nature and a learning network that will last a lifetime. Nothing compares to a season of gardening experience.


To kick it off, this guide is designed to be a companion in the garden. It is full of tips and suggestions to help you dig in to the joys of veggie gardening.


Special thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their tremendous support and care. As well, many garden writers and environmental and community advocates have generously contributed to the content of this workbook, too.


Wishing you a bounty of veggie gardening success!

Dig In and Get Growing!

Chapters include:

  • Planning Your Garden

  • Designing Your Garden

  • Plants to Grow With Kids

  • Planting a Seed

  • Tools of the Trade

  • The Real Dirt On Soil

  • Soaking It All In

  • Weed and Be Merry

  • Compost-A-Peel

  • What’s Bugging You?

  • The Life & Times of your Garden

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